PiCON – 3D Printed Lightgun

Smaller, lighter version of the iCON featuring a sliding recoil, rumble motor, pump reload, analog joystick, 5-way navigation, OLED display, NeoPixel LED in back, accelerometer, screw in wide angle or fish eye lens connection. All parts (including the one-piece frame) can be printed on an Ender 3. The OLED, NeoPixel LED, accelerometer and analog joystick will only work with OpenFIRE firmware running on a Raspberry Pi RP2040 based microcontroller (Pico, Pico W, RP2040 Zero). However, the OpenFIRE firmware is still in development and a release schedule has not yet been announced. Until then, the PiCON can be used with Gun4IR or Samco firmware without those features.

iCON2 – 3D Printed Lightgun

Changes include Wii d-pad and linear rail rather than round rail. All files same as iCON1 except for the Slide, Bearing Mount and Bearing Clamp. D-pad changes are still a work in progress.

For 3D parts not shown below, use the part from the iCON1 lightgun.

iCON1 – 3D Printed Lightgun

Based on the ODCON1 created by Discord user Odwalla with additional inspiration from SamRevolt and many others. Modifications include a sliding trigger rather than a hinged trigger to give more space inside the gun frame for wires & electronics. The solenoid is now mounted to the frame with screws. The sliding mechanism uses round linear bearings that slide on dual hardened steel shafts. Also has illuminated sights for more accurate pew-pewing, an RGB illuminated thumb rest. The iCON name comes from being “illuminated”.

The iCON2 uses a flat linear bearing rather than the round bearings used in the iCON1 making the build process much easier. Consider using the 3d parts from the iCON2 instead of the slide and bearing clamp parts of the iCON1.