DF Robot Cable Slitter

Many DIY lightgun builds are tight on space. Removing the outer insulation from the DF Robot camera cable makes it easier to route the camera wires. Mount and Xacto knife, set the depth using the gauge block, lock the knife in place and pull the camera cable through the channel to form a slit.


There have been a few PCBs developed to help make your Gun4IR project easier to build. Click on the Hardware tab to see the links.

IR LED Power Distribution Box

A 3D printed IR LED power distribution box that houses current limiting resistors, micro USB input power connector and an optional integrated power switch. Includes terminals for wiring an external power switch and a power indicator LED (since you can’t see infrared light!). Wire connections are made using screw down terminals, zip-tie strain relief keeps the wires from pulling out. The cover snap fits into the box and holds the PCB in place without any screws.

IR LED mount

3d printed Infrared LED mounts for screens with narrow bezels. To minimize the profile of the LED assembly, the LEDs wrap around the front of the screen slightly. To minimize the size of the LED assembly, they are not designed to house the required current limiting resistor. These LED mounts are designed to adhere to the sides of the TV/monitor.

All three of the infrared LEDs are angled inward toward the center of the screen by 10 degrees to allow playing closer to the screen. The LEDs are also angled away from each other by 5 degrees to increase the spread of the IR light.