Instructions for adding new 3d parts

  1. Create an empty directory on your computer
  2. Copy all STL files used in your lightgun to the empty directory created in step 1
  3. This step will create STL files so that they are oriented in the preferred orientation. This step is optional but will be helpful to those printing your model.
    1. Open each STL file in your slicer, one at a time and orient it on the build plate as you would to print the model
    2. Select the properly oriented part and export it as an ASCII STL file
  4. This step uses OpenSCAD to automatically create PNG files of each of your STL files by running a Windows BAT file that runs OpenSCAD from the command line. This step is also optional but makes it easy for users to visually identify each 3d part on the website.
    1. If you do not already have OpenSCAD installed, you can download it for free at
    2. Using Notepad (or any text editor), copy the text in the code block below to a new text file
    3. Save the new text file as “makepng.bat” in the directory created in step 1
    4. Run the BAT file by double clicking it. It will take some time to create the PNG files, wait for it to complete.
    5. After the PNG files are generated, the BAT file will prompt you to before deleted the temporary .SCAD files that were created during the PNG image creation process. Since the directory crated in step 1 was empty when you started, there should be no other SCAD files in that directory and you should press any key to allow the BAT file to continue.
  5. Upload the STL and PNG files to one at a time by clicking the “Add a New 3d Part” button in the “3d Parts” tab