Why Convert a Lightgun?

Many older lightguns were only compatible with CRT displays. When the trigger was pulled, a bright flash of light would be momentarily shown at the target. If the lightgun was aimed directly at that target, the light would pass through a lens to an optical sensor in the lightgun and the target would be eliminated. These optical lightguns became obsolete as the world started buying LCD televisions which, due to timing and brightness levels, made optical lightguns incompatible.

Additionally, your old lightgun and/or the console it attached to may have since stopped working. Rather than let it sit in a closet gather dust (or worse thrown away!), converting your old lightgun will give it a second life. If you don’t already have an old lightgun, plenty can be found on eBay, garage sales, even thrift stores. Old lightguns do not need to be functional since most of the internal electronics will be replaced during the lightgun conversion process. They just need to be in cosmetically good condition.

If you have a 3d printer, completely 3d printed lightgun models will save you the cost of purchasing an old lightgun. Many Nerf guns and other toy guns can also be converted to modern LCD compatible lightguns.

Image courtesy of Possessed Photography